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RAM heat sink or not to be replaced by large

This is Stacy from Smraza. I will follow your issue and try my best to help you.
I noticed that you said the there has two broken layers being held together by the film coating, I am so sorry to hear that. I will reflect it to our manager and we will check our inventory.

Don’t worry about it, we will also make it up for you. I want to apply a replacement for you and send you from China, it will take about 10 to 15 days, if you agree.

About you said you wish the heatsinks were two large one small. Our engineer has tested the raspberry pi temp, one large heatsink is for CPU, one smaller heatsink is for cooling LAN. The other smaller one of the pi board back is for RAM. The CPU temp is higher than the LAN and RAM, so it need the large heatsink.(Like the attachment showed)

Bill, I am so appreciated about your time and good suggestions, we will keep optimizing our product and think highly of your suggestions.

BTW, if we send a new replacement to you from China, can you confirm the address with us?

1567 Clairtonica Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
United States

Thanks for your understanding and I am looking forward to your reply.

Fan loudly

Dear customer,

This is Stacy from Smraza. I will follow this issue and try my best to help you.

About the fan issue, if you plug the fan into 5V, the speed is fast so that the sound may be loud. If you want the fan mute, you can plug it into 3.3V, but the speed may be slower and the wind may not strong.(Like the Attachment showed)

Don’t worry about it. If there has anything I can do for you, please let me know and I will be here to assist you.Thanks a lot for your understanding and I am waiting for your reply.
Have a good time.


Received items on time. Very nice and easy case assembly. However...the micro SD card is unusable. Receiving write protection errors and curupt

This is Stacy from Smraza. I will follow it and try my best to help you.
I noticed that you micro SD card was unusable, I have asked our engineer about it. We suggested you can try to format the SD card. And you need to select FAT32 formats when you format the SD card file system.

I hope you will make it work well. If there have any questions about it, feel free to tell me more detailed about your issue or send us some relevant pictures about your issue. No worries, we will still here to help you.
Have a good night.